Storage Water Heater




Complete Range of Instant & Storage Water Heaters

Available in 3Lts., 6 Lts., 10 Lts., 15 Lts., 25 Lts., 35 Lts., 50Lts.


Sailent Features


           •  Fusible Plug

           •  Thermostat

           •  Powder Coated Outer Body

             Heavy Duty Inner Copper /SS Tank of High Purity

           •  Pressure Release Safety Valve

           •  Additional Saftey Thermal Cut Out

           •  Warranty Five Year on Inner Tank

           •  Two Year Warranty on Complete Geyser

6Ltr. To 50Ltr. (Closed & Vent Type) available with ISI Certification

Storage water heaters are manufactured under stringent quality control. these are dependable with high quality, with inbuilt safely factors and other salient features which distinguish water heaters form others. All components, accessories  and material used in manufacturing of these water heaters are selected from the best and reliable manufacturers. water heaters  undergo vigorous test in well equipped laboratories by qualified persons.

Salient Features


Outer Casing

The Outer Body is made of heavy gauge mild steel sheet, finished with protective anti-corrosive rust proof powder coated paint. It is also available in pre-coated designer finish sheets.

Inner Water Container

The Inner water container is made of heavy gauge pure copper*/Stainless Steel sheet. The inner water container is hydraulically  tested as per BIS specifications and can even withstand a higher pressure.
* Only Copper Sheet tank are available with BIS certification.

Heating Element

Highly efficient long lasting and trouble free direct emersion type ISI Marked heating elements having longer lengths are used.


ISI Marked snap-action stem type thermostat safety device with temperature range between 30°C to 75°C but preset at 65°C is fitted. This device automatically controls the water heating beyond the safe limits.

Thermal Cutout

It is an additional safety device as per IS 20821993. This is double safety against thermostat failure as wells as dry heating of element. It is non self resetting stem type with trip free switching mechanism and generally set at 90°C±5°C

Pilot Lamps

For Visual Indications of automatic working of water heater within safe limits, two indicator lamps, red & green, are provided. As the water heater is switched on, the green indicator lamp close. In case of thermostat cut off (Water temperature exceeds 65C, the green lamp will stop glowing. This is normal working of Water heater. In case of some mal-function (when temp exceeds 90C) red light will glow. The water heater will stop functioning. After rectifying the cause of mal-function, the thermal cut-out will have to be reset manually to resume its normal functioning.

Safety Valve

Built in pressure release valve prevents inside pressure from exceeding 30N/cm2 (50 PSI) i.e. 3.5 Kg./ cm2 .

Thermal Insulation

Space between the inner Copper container and the outer mild steel casing is insulated with best quality glass wool ensuring minimal heat loss resulting in saving of time and electricity consumption.


Instant Water Heater (Product)

Just switch on the instant water heater, you will get hot water instantaneously from most continent source of continuous water. these all are fitted with ISI marked element and ISI marked thermostats, and are available in different sizes. This is non pressure type (open outlet) water heater and should be installed where hot water is required at one outlet point. No tap or stop cock should be fitted to the outlet pipe. The temperature of water can be controlled by decreasing or increasing the flow of water through water inlet. Slower the flow hotter the water and vice-versa.

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