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The split air conditioners provides unprecedented installation flexibility allowing the outdoor compressor unit to be installed at a great distance from the indoor unit. It is provided with compact, user friendly remote control making split Air Conditioner convent to operate. It is provided with hermetically sealed compressor having highest energy efficiency ratio to keep your electricity bill to minimum. It ensures that humidity is reduced to create a comfortable atmosphere without over cooling the room.

It has a non volatile memory in which all functions set before the power failure are automatically restored when power comes. It is based on intelligent micro processor control which automatically adjusts the fan speed depending upon the difference between current room temperature and the preset temperature. The sleep mode automatically programs the Air Conditioner to control the indoor fan speed, adjust the setting temperature and to turn off. This ensures a more comfortable sleep.

A product of status & style with quality & performance engineered into every aspect of functioning by stringent test procedures & conditions


Auto Sweep:

Air Conditioner incorporates a unique auto sweep mechanism which sweeps cool air across the room in a synchronized manner for even temperature distribution & uniform cooling.It also adjustment of angle & direction of air in both horizontal as well as vertical direction

Silent AC:

The AC incorporates unique vertical air flow system which makes it silent .
Three level cooling: The quantity of the air can be varied with the help of three different speeds of fan motor.


Air Conditioner has been designed with your convenience in mind. The Chasis can be slided out for easy installation & prompt accessibility for maintenance. The front panel of the grill integrates a dust filter. The panel is easily detachable by pressing the two bottom corner of the panel & then lifting it upwards.


Air Conditioner incorporates the world renowned hermetically sealed compressor which have the highest energy efficiency ratio


All the metal components are made from galvanized sheet/powder coated to prevent it from corrosion. All the plastic components are made of ABS/HIP for longer life.

Ventilation Control:

A special ventilation window has been designed to discharge the stale air/smoke in the room. This window can be operated by a lever in the control panel.

Automatic Temperature Control:

If more chill is required in the room it can be obtained by turning the thermostat knob in clockwise direction in the direction of the higher number on the dial & vice-versa. The thermostat switch controls the compressor & the fan constantly circulates the air even when the compressor is off.


Air Conditioner carries 12 months warranty for any manufacturing defect.

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